The IT world is constantly changing, and to remain competitive, companies need to be more dynamic than ever. Dynamic, professional and innovative: these are the impressions we tried to create designing and building a website for a German-based tech-consulting company. We persuade users to pass the hard work to professionals. And then reap the fruits at the top of the mountain.
Web Design
Art Direction
The visuals we have created for ROCK-IT combine elements of mountains, symbolizing hard work and climb to the top, and also growth that companies experience during and after such technological climb.
We take care to clearly outline every aspect of the company services so that the user takes note of all of them and at the same time easily finds the necessary ones.
We have designed a monoline logo that conveys an idea of “IT-climbers” and an uprising data graph. This way we merge the concepts of company’s name and profile.
The visual elements cath an eye with their simplicity and originality hinting that the advised solution will be simple although will provide a needed result without any doubt.

A hi-tech company that you can touch

Having a beautiful online presence is important more than ever nowadays. But we know that personal acquaintances forge the most trusted and strong partnerships. Thus we have created a set of unique business elements (cards, letterhead) that make the company stand out in the high-competitive industry.