It is hard to reinvent a bicycle but even harder to reinvent a bottle for water. Imagine you have created an awesome water bottle. But if it does not make pancakes or cook a tasty breakfast - it will be hard to surprise potential customers. That is where you need a professional design, development and product placement. We are delighted with the result of our cooperation with the S’Bottle company. We produced an awesome-looking website filled with interactive visuals and a professional product placement that decently features this environmental and human-friendly project.
Brand Strategy
UX Strategy
Content Strategy
PHP (WordPress)
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Creative Direction
Visual Design
Photo Production
Our aim was to create a spotless, beautifully looking design that positions S’Bottle as an elite product for people who value fine taste and their wellbeing. Every design element of the website and animation attract user’s attention to important features of the product.
In combination with brand colors the bottle looks like a spaceship and not a common tool for everyday drinking. The customers are persuaded that this is not only an investment in their health and health of their employees but a statement about their status.
The mobile version of the website also looks clean, unique and eye-catching.
We are particularly proud of the main page animation. We have made photos of the bottle from numerous angles to show how it can be used with usual water coolers and no special adjustments or equipment is needed.

Drink pure water and save the world!

S’Bottle is a story of how an everyday tool can be rethinked and redesigned to evolve into something exciting and changemaking for your life and future of the Planet. We love projects that Matter. Do you?